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Photo Gallery

VCK HISTORICAL VCK HISTORICAL Earles Academy Sydney 1979 Earle's Academy Ving Chun Kuen private training facility (and Wooden Dummy factory!) Sydney 1979-'80. 76444083 Dummy Time! Dummies at various stages of construction. Finished dummy mounted in background. Sydney 1979. 76329281 Hammer Time! And that's how it was done in 1979 guys. Don't ask how many chisels I broke on that Australian hardwood.....And no comments about the hair... 76329280 Yes, this dummy passes the test! Ian Lochlin, Sydney Goju Karate Instructor, ran his own school, "Ken Yu Kan". Took private instruction with me in Ving Chun Kuen.1979 76444085 Training in Oz 1980 Training in Oz 1980. News clip from page 7 of the Liverpool-Cabramatta-Fairfield Champion, Wednesday, July 23, 1980 74678003 Beating it up in Oz 1980 Good stunt men those Ozzy Boyz. Photo taken during - Fairfield class if I remember correctly... 74882111 Bankstown Class 1980 Some of the Bankstown students decided to have me for lunch. Yes, that's forks being held in those vertical fists, and a knife or two there I suspect... 76444081 Punchbowl Class 1980 Wouldn't you know it - all kiwis 'cept for Ian Lochlin - and yes that's a plate of food I'm holding! was a BBQ... 76444080 Beaus Nunchaku 1979 1980 How many of you knew Sifu Beau was once an Internationally acclaimed Singing Artist? Pictured are a pair of nunchaku I made for Beau in 1979-'80. Beau often used nunchaku in his Sydney stage show. 76444082 Wing Chun Brothers Together 1985 Englishman John Ell began his VCK at Earle's Academy/Hsiao Loong Kungfu Kwoon through 1977-1979, eventually working for a British company in Hong Kong he trained at Wong Sheung Leungs school in Hong Kong - seen here sharing Wongs 'secrets' with Kevin and Beau during a visit to Christchurch in 1985 - Beau's 1985 seminar visit from Sydney where he was training with Jimmy Fung. 74812954 A young Master Beau with Sifu Jimmy Fung Master Beau Bouzaid with Sifu Jim Fung. Taken on the 1st year open day in Sydney, 1985. Beau had just completed 11 months training in Sydney - he went on to become NSW Training Manager... 76433366 Nelson 1990 Paul Woods to my left, and some of his Nelson group 1990. 76329283 1989 1990 Seminar Instructor Beau Late '80's? seminar with Instructor Beau, promoting Jimmy and Karen Armstrongs 'blue' book "Wing Chun Kung-Fu". 74452701 Guess Who Guess Who 74557184 Workshop Participants Workshop Participants. Might see some old timers here... 74872406 Workshop One on One Getting some personal pointers from Master Beau Bouzaid are students Andrew Benton and Leigh Jenkins 74872407 Kevin and Beau 1990 Wing Chun Master, Sifu Beau Bouzaid, NSW Training Manager for Sifu Jim Fung, trained many instructors during some ten years with Sifu Jim. 74872405 Dinner with friends August 1990 Dinner with friends, August 1990. What else to do with friends after training? Karen and Beau were the powerhouses behind the phenominal growth of Sifu Jim's Academy in NSW. 74678001 Wooden Dummy Seminar August 1991 In August 1991 I took Clay and Stacey to Sydney to support Sifu Jim Fung's wooden dummy seminar. 74678004 Wooden Dummy Seminar August 1991 August 1991 Sifu Jim's WD seminar. That's Beau over Jimmy's left shoulder, me and Stacey standing to the right. 74678005 Wooden Dummy Seminar August 1991 August 1991 Sifu Jim's WD seminar. Jimmy demonstrates on Beau. Beau was the NSW Training Instructor for Sifu Jim's Academy. That's me right rear. 74678006 Wing Chun Generations I'm sure you can guess who 74678007 Jimmy Fung and Wong Sheung Leung Jimmy Fung and Wong Sheung Leung 76300889 Ah Keung Ah Keung, one of most senior students of Chu Shong Tin. 76301825 With Chu Shong Tin. Took a group of Earle's Academy Students to Sydney to support Chu Shong Tin's Seminars and support the official opening of Susana Ho's Academy. We out-numbered the Sydney siders - what more need I say? 74683032 Kevin Earle, Chu Shong Tin, Beau Bouzaid Kevin Earle, Chu Shong Tin, Beau Bouzaid 76286566 The Young Master, Clay Earle The Young Master, Clay Earle, with Chu Shong Tin and Susana Ho. 74684612 Kevin Earle, Victor Leow With Victor Leow of Vikoga KungFu. VIKOGA is an acronym for "Virtual Intelligent Kinaesthetically Oriented Geometric Activation". Tongue twister anyone? 76286565 In conversation with a Wing Chun Legend Myself, Beau, and Victor, conversing with a Wing Chun legend, Sigung Chu Shong Tin. 74684615 The Earles and Sifu Jim Fung 1991 Kevin - Stacey - Sifu Jim - Clay Earle 74812952 Luke Dishing it Out! Crunch! No other explanation needed... 76286564 Kevin and Luke This was about the last time I was 'bout the same hieght as Luke... 76286567 Beau with Friends. Beau with Friends. Wing Chun friends of course! 76329277 Maintaining Friendships December 2005 December 2005. Visit to Earle's Academy by Sifu Susana Ho (HO Cheuk Har) of the HCH Wing Chun Academy. 76418970