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Photo Gallery

Muk Yan Jong Muk Yan Jong Striking A Pose - 1975 Striking A Pose - 1975. My very first wooden dummy I built in 1975, Invercargill NZ. Note the outdoor training facilities! But the dummy didn't seem to mind... From memory the timber was Macrocarpa, an old post. 200332111 My 2nd Wooden Dummy - 1977 My 2nd Wooden Dummy - 1977. I built this dummy in Christchurch in 1977 from a solid piece of Jarrah. Naturally I still have it today. This photo was taken in our studio circa 2012 200332112 High Street Studio Christchurch - 1978 I had two dummies in our High Street Christchurch studio 1977 - 1978. This was a rugged floor to ceiling setup, which worked very well. The chap working out on it was a very good student who buggered of to Hong Kong about 1981 and trained at Wong Sheung Leung's school for about 3 or 4 years... 200332162 Hammer & Chisel Hard Work -1979 Hammer & Chisel Hard Work -1979. When I said that I built dummies out of solid pieces of timber, I really meant that I "built dummies out of solid pieces of timber!" Here I am hard at work with a hammer and chisel in Sydney, 1979. 200332107 Dummies By The Dozen! - 1979 Dummies By The Dozen! - 1979. I found it more difficult to get hold of Jarrah in Sydney than it was back home in NZ. Hand worked these out of Ironbark and Indonesian hardwood... and yes I broke a few chisels. Sydney, 1979. 200332109 Finished! My Own Dummy in Sydney - 1979 Finished! My Own Dummy in Sydney - 1979. No explanation needed. Just a handsome dummy... 200332101 Working It Out! - 1979 Working It Out! - 1979. A handsome devil working it out on a handsome dummy! 200332103 Yep! Another Good Pose! Yep! Another Good Pose! 200332104 And Take That! And Take That! 200332102 Dummies Galore! Sydney - 1979 Dummies Galore! Sydney - 1979. Even the students couldn't wait to try one out! 200332106 Now Who Is This? Guess... Now Who Is This? Guess... Yep! Couldn't help himself - he just had to get in on the act! Sydney 1979. 200332105 Yes! It is! Stealing the show once again... It's a rather young looking Sifu Beau Slapping my dummy around - I swear his hand prints are still indented into that Ironbark... Sydney 1979 200332108 Dunedin - 1997 At Sifu Awatea's Man Sau Gwoon George Street Dunedin if I remember correctly - 1997. Anyway, obviously another great dummy... 200332110