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Photo Gallery

MASTER BEAU'S COLLECTION MASTER BEAU'S COLLECTION SIGUNG CHU SHONG TIN'S SCHOOL 1964 Another Hisoric photo courtesy of Master Beau: Chu Shong Tin was the 3rd Hong Kong student of Grandmaster Yip Man commencing his training on 01.01.1951. (The first were Leung Sheung and Lok Yiu. Others had started with Leung Sheung, but left). In 1964 Sigung Chu opened his own school at Four Five Six Building of Nathan Road, Kowloon. 150029781 HONG KONG 1989 Kiwi's Leading The Charge To Hong Kong Wing Chun - I see Beau, I see Storm... Name someone... 149844874 HONG KONG TRIP OF 1989 SEE ANY FACES YOU KNOW? 149844875 ANOTHER GROUP SHOT A Trip To Remember - Who's who 1989 149844876 There's a STORM a'coming... Storm & Ah Keung 1989 149844901 Ah Keung & ............ 1989 149844878 AH KEUNG 1989 Ah Keung stretching it out on the wheel... 149844879 BEAU & ....... 1989 1989 & name someone...... 149844880 BEAU & SOMEONE ELSE 1989 149844881 BEAU WITH GUESS WHO 1989 149844882 CLASS TRIP OF TWENTY-THREE 1989 Photo Taken By A Tall Person 149844883 HIM AGAIN! 149844902 I'm Trying - 1989 149844885 TAKE THAT KIWI - OUCH! "OK" says Beau, "I give up!" Yes it was a 'slap-up' affair with Sigung Chu Shong Tin doing all the slapping.... 149844889 SiGung & Beau 1989 Slappin' is over, friends now. Note: Nothing Has Changed Much - Not Even The Room! 149844898 SiGung Chu - Maybe 1986? 149844899 SiGung, Beau, Ah Keung, Mark 149844900 JOE CHAN & BEAU - AUCKLAND (circa 2004) Master Beau visiting with Master Joe Chan in Auckland 149844886 INVERCARGILL CIRCA 1975 The Wing Chun Boyz Kevin & Beau with Dunedin's White Crane Master, Norman Chin. 149844890 The Beau Sneak-Attack Some kungfu horsing around - Master Kevin sorts out the boyz - early '70's 149844893 Foot - er, group shot! Trying to master the art of 'camera' - where'd everyone go? 149844894 WING CHUN MEETS WHITE CRANE Wing Chun Meets White Crane (circa 1975) 149844895 A Young Master Beau Circa 1975 "OK Girls...." 149844892 Result Of A Short Range Elbow Strike! Annoyed by the blinding Hapkido sign, Master Beau gives it to Leigh Jenkins 149844897 KNIFE TOURNAMENT Knife Tournament - Yeah I Lost! So What, bring it on.... 149844903 Jeff Rudd-Perry Gamsby-Master Kevin Master Kevin meeting with the Australian rep of Sam Coral Escrima Perry Gamsby - maybe circa 1990? 149844884 KIWI'S RULE - WORKSHOP 1989 Guess what arrived with Beau? Another box of Sifu Jim's & Karen Armstrong's "Blue Book". 149844888 NZ CIRCA 1989 Who Else But Kiwis? 149844877 NZ WORKSHOP CIRCA 1989 Beau Assisting Earle's Academy Students Leigh Jenkins & Edward Benton 149844887